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Your Quilting/Machine Embroidery hobby should be FUN! Come Play with Us!

About Studio Y Playground

The Wyse Guys are at it again!

Starting the next 25 yrs. of the Sewing Basket!

This isn’t our first time at the playground! In September 2021 we celebrated our 25th Anniversary as a Big Quilt Shop in a Small Town located in Plymouth, WI. And now we are ready for the next 25 years! 

We are a business - but we love fun! Join us as we launch into new ways to share and support our customers. We have over 80 years of sewing experience and knowledge and add to that each day!  Our goal is to share that knowledge with you.  

We started Studio Y (Home of the Wyse Guys) in 2019 to be our online learning center.  As it has grown and technology improves we see the need to remodel our “school” and add our own playground.  

Why a “Playground?” Because this is your hobby and it’s supposed to be fun!  Can you say Recess?

Let’s have some fun together!

Why You Should Join Us

We are building our own community network with all of you!
Quilters, Machine Embroidery & Sewists from beginner to advanced. Our community focuses and supports everyone interested in sewing!

Community - Play with your sewing friends in one easy, organized place
Customization - Select your interests and see only those topics in “your” playground
Inspiration - See what we and other members are working on
Knowledge - Our posts and resource center are free and full of great information
Workshops - See us actually sewing and making the projects - pause & replay anytime
Flexibility - Watch us on any device anywhere - bring us right into your sewing room
Privacy - This is a private network.  What you post is only seen by playground members
Messaging - connect with your friends without leaving the playground
Support - We and other members will answer your questions and ask questions of our own that you might answer

What’s missing from the playground?

  • No negativity (No bullies allowed on our playground)

  • No Politics

  • No Ads

  • No individual tracking what you look at

  • Nothing but sewing!

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6 month subscription option for exclusive monthly content updates of tutorials, patterns, tips and more fun!




Still  need more details?


But wait~! 

Do you want more?

JOIN the Playground Network and grow with us - we have more for you coming soon!

Learn More!

Come Play with Us! 

Get your Playground Pass Today

We can not say THANK YOU! enough for your continued support, encouragement, and engagement. We look forward to you playing with us at the playground. 

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